Turning Chaz into Chastity. 

The hardest thing to teach a fag is not to touch himself when he’s sucking your dick. (Although hitting him for doing it usually helps.) You don’t want him to NOT have a dick, though, because his meat, whether it’s big, small or somewhere in between, is a constant source of humiliation. He’s not man enough to fuck with it or even get blown, and the dudes he’s attracted to have no interest in any dick but their own. His is useless.

A chastity device makes all of the above activities impossible and forces the fag to channel every bit of his sexual energy onto the man (or men) he serves, and that just heightens the pleasure he gets from having your dick in his mouth or up his ass. Once he’s locked in — and you have the key — his “manhood” goes from 4 to zero. You’re completely in charge, and he’s like a neutered pet who knows he can’t even hump your boot until you decide to unlock him. Unfortunately for him, every time he starts to beg for a little freedom, you feel like getting another blow job.

I have to be honest, I enjoy making fags suffer in these things. I also like making them lie down on the floor or in the tub and piss all over themselves. I’ve always been a cruel prick. No point in changing now. 

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